Discover Your Wonderpowers!


Thank-you Maggie for such a beautiful session. I feel lighter, as if layers of baggage have been lifted immediately during our session. I entered a new door of my life that day and the weight of the door from the past shut with such an impact and relief. I never imagined the impact of one session, I feel more in control and aware of my life, that is so powerful. 

This feeling alone is very comforting. I feel a significant ease in life that was not present before. The symptoms I had going into the session have been either lifted or greatly decreased. 

I only pray that everyone could experience this type of healing – from my experience I feel this is definitely a God Send. So many people want to know how I am so happy and positive. I contribute a lot of who I am to the healings, so I want to spread this and get the synergy going to those who seriously want it. 

She’s amazing, and thanks to her intuition to go with this breakthrough program, there is nothing like this! This EPFX technology is powerful and more accelerated than all of the other healings that I have experienced and this is no coincidence. Our world needs this and our children need this. This could bring about so much peace on earth... and a higher level of awareness and healing. Thank-you once again, Maggie.

-Valerie Stevens, Fashion Designer 

Things really turned around for me after my session with Maggie. I waited a long time for things to happen and then it was like everything started falling into place. Contracts with my business started coming through and then it was a snowball effect and I gained more confidence personally when my business became more successful. Things just got resolved in my life and I am now in a good cycle feeling more peace of mind and positive. 

I attribute this to Maggie – whenever I feel out of whack I see her and she straightens me out. It’s the truth, Maggie is truly gifted and has a special ability to really help people. I hold her in high regard and high esteem and I can’t write a big enough testimonial about her. For me, she is better than 10 trips to the doctor – I feel so much better now. I wish everyone could experience this.

~ Gill Vilanueva, Business Contractor  

Maggie and her Wonderpowers book have been most helpful and inspiring to me in every aspect of my life. I am deeply grateful for her loving, sincere gift that she has so willingly shared with me, as she has helped so many. 

I want everyone to know how wonderful her Sessions are – she has helped me in so many ways... Maggie and her EPFX machine are truly a God- send!

~ MaryGrace Gordon, 94 year old Wise, Amazing Woman with lots of Spunk!  

Maggie’s treatment made me feel very energized, optimistic and uplifted. I now feel very good, happy and ready to go!

~ Edwardo Bar, Actor  

Because I was really burned out from work, I received a EPFX treatment from Maggie Moline, specifically the “Release Resistance to Change” protocol. I was referred to Maggie by a friend who knew I was dealing with a lot of stress concerning work. He had glowing praise of Maggie’s treatments which he had received in the past. The biofeedback-computerized treatment which is truly a cutting edge therapy had a dramatic effect on how I feel after just one 2 hour session. I feel rejuvenated with a renewed sense of optimism in approaching and dealing with my work problems and life problems in general.

~ Dennis Cava, Attorney at Law 

I was worried about my residence in the USA as my immigration wouldn’t settle, until I had a session with Maggie! Then I got approved and it all went through!

Everytime I have a problem, I use her natural gifts and talents and everything always works out for the best. 

So Thank-you, Maggie, for the EPFX sessions and all your help – you have helped my goals and dreams to come true!

~ Romina Arena, International Recording Artist and Producer 

MIND-BLOWING!! That’s all I can say!! I want to say so many things, I don’t know where to start – and there is just never enough time to do everything with the EPFX! All I can say is that it blew my mind.

~ Milena Mortati, Actress  

Maggie and her EPFX Treatment have changed my life. After several treatments for focusing and resistance to change I was impressed by the results it was producing for me. I’m looking forward to transforming my life experience. Thank-you, Maggie, for offering these great treatments.

~Lee Baron, Designer

EPFX Treatments and Maggie’s approach of removing Resistance to Change layer by layer has reflected positive results in my business and my daily living. There’s no turning back now.

~ D. Edwards, Management Consultant